Review: The Aftermath (2019) – The Future Is Bright

While it would be easy to say that Kiera Knightley is having a good year after watching Colette, I'm pretty sure she just doubled down. While it might not be as culturally relevant or sexually expressive as her prior work (despite trying to be the latter) it is equally as important and vital thanks to …

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Catching Up: An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn (2018) – What?

When watching anything there is usually a Eureka moment for me when I can say what that film is about. Be it something personal to just me or a grand theme that the director is prodding at in his own little way. That never came while watching Jim Hosking's latest surreal comedy for the very …

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Blogathon: The Film That Started It All

Think this is a great idea to discuss why different people fell in love with cinema. I’ll be taking part. Any takers?

Let's Go To The Movies

The Film That Started It All Blogathon 


We all have that one truly special film, the one that really made your love for film and cinema so deep. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share this with each other and it could really create some positive thoughts and discussion. 

The film does not have to be the greatest ever made, just the one that you relate to as your biggest influence in terms of loving film and cinema! I have had this idea for quite a while now and after so many negative comments and attitudes on Twitter recently I felt we all needed do think positively about the films we love! 

Dates: April 19th-22nd 2019 

This gives more than a month to get involved and I thought it would be ideal to do this over the long Easter bank holiday weekend. So…

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Review: American Assassin (2017) – Nobody Likes Rapp

There is a common thread to films about revenge and its that death changes people. It strips away pieces of the person you used to be. Mitch Rapp, the titual revenge seeking assassin clearly lost both his intelligence and sense of subtlety when his fiancee is brutally killed in a terrorist attack in the films …

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