Blogathon: The Film That Started It All

Think this is a great idea to discuss why different people fell in love with cinema. I’ll be taking part. Any takers?

Let's Go To The Movies

The Film That Started It All Blogathon 


We all have that one truly special film, the one that really made your love for film and cinema so deep. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share this with each other and it could really create some positive thoughts and discussion. 

The film does not have to be the greatest ever made, just the one that you relate to as your biggest influence in terms of loving film and cinema! I have had this idea for quite a while now and after so many negative comments and attitudes on Twitter recently I felt we all needed do think positively about the films we love! 

Dates: April 19th-22nd 2019 

This gives more than a month to get involved and I thought it would be ideal to do this over the long Easter bank holiday weekend. So…

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Review: Paddleton (2019) – Breaking In On The End

Death in cinema is common, characters die all the time. Sometimes its sad, sometimes its violent and other times its strangely laughable. We all have different reactions to death and more often than not, film has the ability to trivialise it while basing much of a film's emotion around the simple notion that death affects …

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Review: On The Basis Of Sex – Extroverted & Exaggerated

Two months ago I watched the excellent documentary RBG, a thoughtful dissection of the life of supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You can read my thoughts on that here. Thanks to that thoughtful, emotional and honest character study, I like to think that there are elements of the woman who are unique, special even …

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Review: The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) – Unbalanced & Unfocused

I'm not sure what has changed in the eight years since Attack The Block came out but Joe Cornish's latest just doesn't have the same zest to it that his debut did. While it might be his transition to the fantasy genre or the fact that his latest is strangely political for a kids film …

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Review: Happy Death Day 2U (2019) – Killed By The Kitchen Sink

Ever since the emergence of the Paranormal Activity series and the studio behind it, Blumhouse Productions we have been given a plethora of low-budget horror films to fill our time, some more successful than the others. For every The Purge we got Ouija and films like it. Luckily when Happy Death Day premiered in 2017 it managed …

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